La Taguara

Venezuelan & Latin American - East Madison
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La Taguara

La Taguara offers traditional Venezuelan and Latin American cuisine that will delight your palate with authentic Venezuelan sazón! Order at the counter at their location on East Washington Avenue or choose pick-up or delivery.

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What Our Team Says

"La Taguara is A MUST-VISIT for authentic Venezuelan and Latin American cuisine (and for anyone with tastebuds and a love for food that makes you sigh with joy). Start your dining experience off with an order of Rompe Colchon, a beautifully dressed and refreshing ceviche of sorts, made with shrimp, lime juice, onions, avocado, and cilantro. The dish is served with plantain chips for dipping, but uninhibited diners may opt to get right to it and simple use a fork (just make sure the rest of your party is ok with this before you dive in). Although so many of La Taguara's dishes are deserving of an entree selection, my go-to (and favorite) has got to be the Cachapa con Queso y Conchino Frito. And trust me, there is as much going on in this dish as there is in the title. You'll enjoy an absolutely heavenly sweet corn pancake bound by the salty, gooey wonder that is La Taguara's handcrafted Venezuelan cheese, served with crispy fried pork morsels and two sauces (that I have never learned the names of, but are divine in their own right). I've never had the joy of venturing into the dessert portion of their menu (nor the stomach room), but I have heard wonderful things about their Quesillo. You'll have to order it and then stop by the hotel to tell me how amazing it was!"

Kelsey Schaid, Administration & Marketing


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