Gourmet Burgers - Downtown Madison
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DLUX is an upscale spot serving gourmet burgers and artisanal cocktails. Some say they're the best burgers in Madison. You decide!

Photo courtesy of DLUX

What Our Team Says

"DLUX is a burger and shake restaurant, but it isn't like your typical burger and shake spot. It is more modern and sleek and has a big square bar right in the middle of the restaurant. They have the best burger buns and really good burger patties (or you can swap it out for chicken or a vegetarian option). They have great fries. I usually go with the sweet potato fries which are amazing. Their shakes are delicious too. I love the toasted marshmallow shake. They also have some of the best cheese curds in Madison, which literally melt in your mouth. Overall the atmosphere and food is spectacular. I would highly recommend going to DLUX if you are into burgers and shakes!"

Jared Lehner, Accounts Payable Manager


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