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2.28.2019 | Wedding Spotlight | Weddings

Wedding Spotlight: Jessica & Steven

This article is part of an ongoing series of weddings at The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club. To see more wedding features, check out the full Wedding Spotlight series.

Jessica and Steven’s wedding wasn’t just another wedding. Jessica and Steven are part of The Madison Concourse Hotel family. They are the definition of a #ConcourseCouple.

They met at The Concourse. They work at The Concourse. They got engaged at The Concourse. They got married at (you guessed it) The Concourse.

Jessica and Steven tied the knot on a very cold day in early November. Much of the bride’s family flew in from sunny California for the big event (they must really like her). Jessica got ready in a cozy Governor’s Club room before the ceremony with family and friends.

The wedding ceremony took place outside (!!) in a family backyard. Guests watched from under blankets as the couple said “I do.” After the simple and beautiful ceremony, everyone headed over to The Madison Concourse Hotel to celebrate!

Friends and family danced the night away with the happy couple in our fabulous Grand Ballroom. The celebration was filled with warmth, joy, and happy tears shared with loved ones.

Even on such a bitter cold day, the wedding party was able to great photos in the hotel without freezing in their formal wear. Plus, the setting was extra special for this #ConcourseCouple; they got to take wedding photos in the very same place they met.

We might be biased as colleagues, but we loved Jessica and Steven’s wedding. It was laid-back, fun, and reflective of their individual love story. Plus, we couldn’t have asked for a more easy going couple to work with.

Congratulations to this beautiful #ConcourseCouple, Jessica and Steven!

If you’re looking to celebrate your wedding in the heart of downtown Madison with your family and friends, learn more about how we can help. Contact our wedding team today to get started!


Ceremony Venue: A family backyard

Reception Venue: The Madison Concourse Hotel

Wedding Dress: Vera’s Bridal

Cake: Carl’s Cakes

Catering: The Madison Concourse Hotel

Photography: The Wayland Company

8.01.2018 | Weddings

10 Reasons To Skip The Outdoor Barn Wedding Trend

It’s no secret that outdoor barn weddings are all the rage right now. It’s easy to look at the photos of light dripping in through barn wood crevices during that magical moment and want that for yourself. Who wouldn’t want that? Trust us, we get it. It sounds like a dream.

However, dreams and reality are two different things. And the reality of an outdoor barn wedding is it comes with risks: mosquitoes, sunburn, hot weather, cold weather, and rain (to name a few). These are things that don’t show up on your Pinterest board.

Hotel ballrooms have been an option for wedding ceremonies and receptions for decades. They might not be trendy, but there is a reason why they haven’t gone out of style. Below are ten reasons why you should strongly consider having your wedding in a hotel ballroom:

It’s A Timeless Classic

We’ve all seen those wedding photos from the 80’s where the large glasses, puffy sleeves, and ruffled tuxedos are hilariously out of style. There’s no doubt that these were beautiful and beloved days to these couples in the photographs, but if you’re concerned about the aspects of your wedding becoming dated, a venue like a hotel might be a good choice for you. Barn weddings are a trend, whereas ballrooms have been a timeless venue option for decades.

It’s A One-Stop Shop

Hotels like ours have all the necessary facilities and services to make it possible to have your wedding in one spot. We take care of the coordinating, the food, the drink, and the accomodations. We have enough rooms where it is possible to have a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception all in the same place. And since we’re in the heart of downtown, you don’t have to go far to get outside for some photo ops and enjoy the aspects of our beautiful city.

It’s Comfortable For All Your Guests

If you have guests who are elderly or disabled, location can be a big concern. Accessibility can often determine whether or not a guest can attend. Our hotel is completely handicap accessible. It’s also heated and air-conditioned appropriately throughout the year. That way you and your guests can relax and enjoy your big event, not struggle through it.

Space Isn’t Much Of An Issue

If you’re going to include everyone on your guest list, the numbers add up. As a result, your options for venues with enough space go down. Our hotel has 27,000 square feet of event space. Our Grand Ballroom alone is over 10,000 square feet which can accommodate up to 1,500 people. Of course, for smaller events the space breaks down into more intimate gathering rooms. So whether your guest list is 50, 100, 500, or 1000 people, we’ve got you covered.

No Chair And Table Rental

Simply put, we have chairs and tables, and plenty of them! Oftentimes if your venue is outside or in a barn, you are required to rent chairs and tables on top of the rental fee of your space. This can add up if budget is a concern, but it is also one thing less to worry about if your seating is already on site. We include chairs and tables with our rental, and most hotels do.

On-Site Caterer

Skip the extra step of finding a caterer. At our hotel, our banquets team is ready to prepare and serve a fantastic meal for you and your guests. It will be the second-most talked about thing at your wedding… next to what a great couple you are, obviously. Plus, if any guest needs their food prepared a certain way, it is much easier to handle situations like these with a kitchen and supplies nearby.

Did We Mention Hotel Rooms On-Site?

After your wedding, your guests’ rooms are just an elevator ride away. No one needs to worry about driving after dancing the night away.

Enjoy Hotel And Downtown Amenities

While your wedding celebration will be the main event, there may be times before, after, or in between the festivities when your guests are unsure of what to do. Our hotel offers an on-site Starbucks, restaurant, bar, pool, and fitness center. Plus, we are steps away from State Street and Capitol Square! You and your guests can enjoy walking to so many closeby restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, shops, and museums. There’s plenty to do in Madison’s vibrant downtown.

Safety First

It’s no secret that most wedding receptions provide a bar. It is a party after all, and guests are going to cut loose and enjoy themselves. In these cases, no one should be driving. Of course, taxis and rides are usually available, but if their place to stay for the night is just an elevator ride away, everyone is safe and happy.

Less Stress

We hope by now you see how easy wedding planning can be when your wedding is at a hotel. Wedding planning is stressful -- we totally get it -- so why not give yourself a break. Our wedding specialists are here to help you down to every last detail. With the support of a friendly team of experts, you can focus on making memories and enjoying the moment.

Your Day Is All About You

Your wedding day should be everything you want it to be, but when you chance it with an outdoor barn wedding, you are essentially placing your big day into the hands of Mother Nature. Get ready for unpredictable weather, sweaty guests, muddy shoes, and sunburn.

Instead, consider a timeless ballroom wedding. We can help make your vision come to life, including bringing in the best of the outdoors: beautiful florals, fresh greenery, and other special touches. Contact us today to take the first step towards your dream wedding -- bug bites not included.