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Low Carb Food Cart - Downtown Madison
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Good Food

Looking for... good food? Maybe you should try... Good Food. Too obvious? Maybe. But for a quick, healthy lunch you can't go wrong at Good Food, a popular food cart on Capitol Square serving low-carb salads and wraps. They also have a second food cart on Library Mall and a cafe in Far East Madison.

Photo Courtesy of Good Food Cart

What Our Team Says

"Good Food is a food cart on Capitol Square mostly serving the weekday lunch crowd. It specializes in good ingredients and low-carb options like salads and wraps. I love to grab a wrap (Pad Thai Salad is my fave) and sit on Capitol lawn for an impromptu picnic."

Tracey Beckman, Digital Marketing Coordinator

"Summertime means eating outdoors as much as possible! That means food carts. Good Food on Capitol Square has the best food if you like fresh, healthy, and tasty. You can get each item as a wrap or a salad, and add a can of Fresca for cheap. Then take it right around the corner to eat on the rooftop of the Monona Terrace while you take in beautiful Lake Monona. The strawberry salad/wrap is the best! You can get it with chicken or tofu."

Sara Capadona, Reservations Manager


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